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Factoring is a form of finance whereby a business sells its accounts receivables (invoices) which provides immediate access to cash and thus may help the business to meet the overhead cost or ease the cash flow. Therefore, the business is no longer dependent on the normal payment cycle 30 – 180 days from their customers. Our objectives to assist the small to medium sized companies to ease the cash flow constraints and help them to survive, grow and prosper.

In unision with ZIKAY’s direction of being a strategically synergized and customer-focused organization, this initiation is to be an exordium to the Group’s wider future involvement in financial services. The approval obtained from Bank Negara in April 2004 significantly marks the testimony of ZIKAY’s sound corporate governance, financial strength and prudent management of its business activities by professionals

Our Mission

To assist entrepreneur and to ease their cash flow.

Our Motto

We care for your success.

Our Team
(Group Managing Director)
Dato' Mohd Khay Ibrahim

Nur Shila Hj Mustapha

(Group Executive Director)
Dato' Iszhar Ibrahim

(Chief Executive Officer)
Sharifah Hamidah Bte Syed Hussin


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In response to the majority of small and medium enterprise’s working capital and cashflow constraints, the Group has ventured through ZIKAY Factoring Sdn Bhd in Islamic Factoring of customer’s non-collarised credit sales. With the introduction of Islamic factoring under the principal of Bay Ad Dayn, ZIKAY strive to significantly achieve a mutually beneficial scenario by assisting its customer and supplier to raise funds in direct proportion to their sales volume rather than company’s net worth.

Product & Services

Products And Services Description

  • Islamic Factoring Facilities Services (Bai’ Ad Dayn)
  • Letter of Undertaking
  • Receivables Management Services (RMS)
  • Support Letter

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Letter of Credit

  • Bai' Al Dayn (Factoring-I)

    With the introduction of Islamic Factoring Under the principles of Bai’ Ad-Dayn, ZIKAY Factoring hopes to significantly achieve a mutually beneficial

    Receivable Management Services

    RMS is a system to ensure the security of payment on behalf of the Sub Contractor. When every time they have a job from the Main Contractor

    Letter of Undertaking

    Letter of Undertaking is to be issued to supplier as a secure/guarentee payment and assist client to supply and complete the awarded contract

    Support Letter

    Support Letter is a supporting document for government tenders.

    Quick Contact

    If you have any enquiries, please send us a message. Thank you!
    Zikay Factoring Sdn Bhd
    Level 4, Bangunan ZIKAY, 53,
    Jalan Raja Alang, Kampong Bharu,
    50300 Kuala Lumpur.
    T : 03-26948089/6089

    Email : info@zikayfactoring.com.my

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